Happy Valentine!

Happy Valentine, everyone! Hug your partners, your family and your kids…. this is the day for it.

And in case you’re in the mood to make some cool border shirts like ours, have a look at my little step by step photo guide. The patterns are  available here

Step 1) When folding the  fabric, make sure that the stripes match up perfectly.  






Step 2) When matching the pattern pieces, make sure that you match up the bottom hemline.



Step 3) When you pin the fabric pieces together, take your time and match the stripes.






When stripes are matching, the whole shirt looks way better and proves that you have put all your effort in it.






I recommend to use the overlock machine to sew this knit fabric. But border knits are usually not too stretchy. So you can also use the normal 3mm straight stitch of your sewing machine.





We are in Vogue UK!!

We are in Vogue UK!!
My client Bunny&Hare from LA has just been selected to show her collection in Vogue UK!! I did the pattern creation and the tailoring for all pieces. It’s huge success for Bunny&Hare to be exposed in Vogue and it’s a huge success for me as a pattern maker and tailor to be part of this. We are THRILLED!


Long Time No See – Worth Reading!!!

Dear All….

you might have wondered, why there was no update on this blog for such a long time….

Well… things have happened!!

There were more new sewing students than ever and

from the start of this year I have been happily working on some great projects of Wedding Dresses.

In example for a german, a french and two british ladies. We did a shooting under the cherry blossoms with my good friend Martin Holtkamp and I wil create a new website soon  for the service of Order-Made Wedding Dresses and Wedding Dress Adjustments.



Then by the time being I was so round 🙂


Then on May 11th, my son was born and after 4 months now, he is the cutest thing and we are all a little bit happier than we were before. Make babies, everyone! They are great!!


Then from the 1st of July I started with sewing lessons again and this guy came along. For a month he stood in Tokyo to learn sewing and to prepare for his fashion studies at Parson’s in Paris. Look what we created in this 4 weeks (he didn’t even know how to thread the sewing machine at the beginning!!)

With him, again a new group of sewing lovers came along and we make a lot of projects, such as the “Werner Bag” a skirt from African Textiles, and a Berimbau bag, used while playing Capoeira. 

Then I spent time again with the girls at the German School in Tokyo for the Summer School and we did these cool shorts (the participants were only 11 and 12!)

And last but not least,  one young lady was contacting me to make her bridesmaid dress for a wedding in Brazil. It had to be a certain yellow, so we went together to Nippori, bought this wonderful yellow silk and together we made up our minds to create this ensemble of a shorts, a corsage and a wrap around skirt.


Then finally I had my Summer holiday in Germany with the whole family and now we are back for a new start of the Sewing Circle!!

You are all very welcome to start stitching again with me. Hope to see you sewing soon!!

Nice wishes



For Great Adventures

Little girls need the perfect clothing for great adventures. Luckily we have a sewing granny! She made the two blue seaters and the red-blue striped one. I made the first sample from the blue-white fabric. We used a heavy weight knit and for the collars and hems a jersey or silk-wool. Those pull-overs are really practical for windy days or during the rainy season.

Good Morning!

Waaa~ perfect! Waking up genki and having a wonderful day ahead. Nice pyjamas helping for a good night.

I chose fine cotton for the pyjamas and cotton gauze for the night dress.

Please also view the previous blog Sleep Well! for Japanese style kids pyjamas

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Last year already, I made these puppets for the company World Family K.K.

They have Schools and they produce shows, videos, an internet TV program and more to teach English to  Kids in Japan and other Asian countries.

I was really blessed and happy to create 11 puppets that they wanted to use for their Internet TV. For the program “Sock Stories”  vol1. I made Rapunzel the Prince and the Witch, for Vol 2 I made Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandma, the Woodsman and the Wolf-Boot and for vol 3. Goldie Locks and the Three Gloves. Unfotunately Worldfamily runs a membership and I can’t show you the movies on here (only if you e-mail me personally on request I can send you the links), but I wanted to share the cute puppets with you 🙂 For the puppet costumes and the quilted futon for Goldie Locks I have had a great help from my mother in law, who stitched and gave her hand for the picture!! Many thanks to her 🙂


Sock Stories Vol 1: Rapunzel

Sock Stories Vol.2 : Little Red Riding Hood

And Sock Stories Vol 3. : Goldie Locks and the Three Gloves