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Private Sewing Lessons

Fee: ¥4500  per  hour*

 Intensive individual classes. You will learn to work with your individual tailoring patterns and to tailor all kind of clothing designs. We will also work on new design ideas, pattern making and various techniques. *The individual classes can be booked as all other classes in sessions of 2 hours each.

Basic Course

Small Group Class

Fee: ¥22.000 for 4 sessions of 2 hours 

In this first Basic Sewing Lessons you will get in friendship with the sewing machine! In the first session you will thread the machine, understand how to use it and sew simple seams, straight and curved. It is a refresher for those, who haven’t sewn in a long time and for those, who have sewn, but things didn’t work so smoothly.

In the following 3 sessions you can choose to make a bag, cushion cover, a very simple trouser or skirt with an elastic waistband or zipper. You will learn to cut the fabrics, following a paper pattern and sew the pieces in the right order.

Regular Classes

Small Group Class

10-Hour-Ticket = for ¥22.500.

Many of my sewing students made sewing to a great hobby and are coming on a weekly or two-weekly base. They bring their own design ideas and we work on each project together.

This makes the Sewing Classes outstanding and special:

I am using the CAD* Software Grafis Version 12 for constructing tailoring patterns. I measure about 45-50 measurements on the body of  my students and clients and the software will calculate an exact grid around the body. This is then transformed to a tailoring pattern. The pattern shows “your body on paper” like a “second skin”. With this very exact pattern we have the possibility to tailor garments with a perfect fitting for each student and client. We are completely independent to any ready-to-wear patterns on the market! We don’t waist time to adjust and re-model mass production patterns from the stores but can concentrate on the pattern construction of our own ideas!

Basic Dress Pattern = used for dresses, skirts, blouses, jackets, T-shirts = ¥ 6500

Basic Trouser Pattern = used for trousers and shorts = ¥2500

Basic Shirt Pattern for Men = ¥3500

*(Computer Aided Design)

When you are interested to learn more about Pattern Making and Transforming you are welcome to book my

Pattern Making Classes

Fee: ¥4500  per  hour*

Once you have mastered various sewing techniques, you might want to start and design your own clothes and bring your individual ideas into reality. During the Pattern Making Classes we will work on a simple design process and I’ll explain, how to transform your basic tailoring patterns to your designs. *Pattern Making Classes are usually taught in a session of two hours.