Atelier Address:

158-0086 Japan, Tokyo, Setagaya-ku, Oyamadai 3-22-13, Meiji Building Office 202 (2nd floor)

158-0086 二本、東京都、世田谷区、尾山台 3-22-13、 明治ビル202 (2階)













The Sewing Circle Atelier is located along the Oimachi Line, only 2 Minutes from the OYAMADAI Station.

To get to the Atelier: Exit Oyamadai Station and turn left. You enter the shopping street called Happy Road. On the first corner to your left is a Japanese Sweet store, turn into the road, walk about 30 meters and you will see a Softbank Store on your right. The Sewing Circle Atelier is on top of the Softbank Store, in the 2nd floor, back office. If you have trouble finding my place, please call 080 – 8425 9648.

By Train from Shibuya Station:

1.) Take the EXPRESS from Shibuya Station on the Denentoshi Line (extends from Hanzomon Line) to FutakoTamagawa Station.  There you exchange to the Oimachi Line (via Oimachi).  Go for 3 stops on the LOCAL train and you will reach Oyamadai Station.

2.) Take the EXPRESS from Shibuya Station on the Toyoko or Fukotoshin Line to Jiyugaoka Station.  Exchange to the Oimachi Line (via Mizonoguchi).  Go for 2 stops on the LOCAL train and you will reach Oyamadai Station Find the way from your station with this online directory


Here is the directory by Google Maps:

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