For Designers

For professionals I am creating production ready industrial patterns and first samples that can be handed over to manufacturers. More details:

For designers and upcoming fashion brands I am supporting the collection planning (creative), create the complete patterns and the first samples that are needed for starting the production at manufacturers.

All patterns are designed with the brand new version of CAD Grafis Version 12 (released in April 2018). I am the first pattern maker, who is using this version in Japan!

All patterns can be graded in individual sizes, customised on the mm to each customer or to standard sizes.

The patterns are available on paper or as a data on CD Rom

Patterns for designers and professionals have a  copyright to the brand, only.

I am able to handle all the sample sewing from the created patterns. This is recommended as we can work on adjustments right away.


¥5000 pattern design fee per garment

Grade A Patterns:  Main pattern pieces such as front, back, sleeves = ¥5000 – ¥8000 per piece

Grade B Patterns: Minor patterns that need design such as inner facings, special pockets, collars, yokes etc. = ¥2500

Grade C Patterns: Minor patterns that don’t need design such as belts, lining, simple cuffs etc. = ¥1000

Pattern Collection on CD Rom = free

Pattern Collection on paper =  ¥1000 per print out.

Sample sewing = starting from ¥16.000 per garment

Fittings and adjustments = ¥ 4800 per hour