This Was Once A Wedding Dress!!



Once upon a time… about 5 years ago this cute dress was a long heavy wedding dress.

Sabine, who kept it and even brought it with her to Tokyo, wanted to change it for a long time.

Now the situation was perfect: Her sister got married and she needed a dress! Having two little boys, who are wild, she didn’t wanted to spend a huge amount on a new gown, so she asked me to change her wedding dress for her. Of course, it couldn’t stay white!! 100% polyester made it at first difficult to think about a colouring it, so we considered different fabric on top of the original material. But luckily there is now a fabric colour exclusive for polyesters! So I shortened it, adjusted the zipper at the back and coloured the dress. Look how nice this outcome is! The pearls aren’t the original ones, she brought me this necklace and I used it to decorate the front. A perfect match to style up this cute outfit.


Tziporah Salamon in Tokyo

The Art of Dressing is something that many want to understand. One lady is definitely a master of it! Born in 1950, Tziporah is a New York based style icon.

She never leaves the house unless she is fully dressed. And by fully dressed, she means a multi-piece, multi-layered outfit with matching hat, scarf, shoes, earrings, purse, gloves, glasses and other accessories that may take her years to put together.

I went to her Seminar yesterday, presented by Mary Fidler and it was a feast for the eyes. The arrangements of colour, fabrics, her sense of matching the craziest pieces that she found in hidden places is amazing.

If I will copy her style ?? Maybe not… She said at one point: “It took me seven years to put together one outfit, because I couldn’t find the right earrings for it. I wouldn’t wear it until I found the earrings.” I guess, if I would copy that style, I’d end up to walk to our kindergarten in pyjamas… But I definitely got inspired by her and am willing to be more experimental again.

There’s too much boredom in my closet since I have kids. And this was never the case while being a fashion student. I really want to style up again. Follow me mums!!!

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Say YES! Two dresses for a Wedding Party

The story before the story: two new sewing students. Talking about scheduling our classes for the Beginner Course. K says: Ok, we do 4 lessons and then you go back to America to have your wedding!! M says: yes… and I still don’t know what to wear… Me looking at M and asking: don’t you want to order a wedding dress from me? M looking at K: good idea!

The schedule: The chat above was Monday, 4 weeks before her flight. Next Monday (3 weeks before her flight): sorry, things were busy, but I’m gonna send you pictures on my Pinterest. The following week we chatted and thought about designs etc… Friday we both went together to Nippori. At Tomato and at Nagato she fell in love with two silks . M: maybe I want two dresses (*_*); Me: hm…(*_*); , Saturday: M travels back to Nippori and buys the two silks together with her husband (i.f.). He wants to encourage her for different fabrics: What do you think about this/that/those? M persists on her two silks and buys the “2 meters” that “are left” from the one and 4 meters from the other. She let’s me know per sms… pheeew 2 meters for a dress (*_*);  OK…

(Please click on the small pictures to enlarge them, thxx)


Monday(2 weeks before her flight): finally we decided on two designs for two dresses. One more “wedding”, one more “party”. Taking measurements, talking about long, short, tight, loose, the Summer heat in New York City. Saturday: the two dresses are pre-sewn, first fitting. M: yes! Oh I like this, but this here is too much fabric, I want the underdress like this and this…This is good too, but it should be much tighter, don’t you think… Sure, let’s do that!! Great!!

Monday (1 week before her flight): 2nd fitting together with her friend (K, the one, who comes with her for sewing lessons) K: Oh that looks so pretty! I like the other one too… the skirt– not so poofy… hm, why not long? M and me: Yes, long is THE thing! You are so right! Girlfriends are soo needed for fittings!  I keep on sewing and finishing.

Saturday (2 days before her flight): I woke up a 5 to sew the final touches on her dresses before my regular sewing students come. From 1pm my mother on law helped me, took things apart, saying: this looks better like this, this needs to be handsewn, not with the machine… All right, whatever you think!! 6pm M comes with her husband (i.f) last fitting: wonderful, great! They both love it. The long dress is actually a little too tight… Me: you said  you want it tighter.. haha, M: yes, but maybe now I can’t breath… Fine tuning for the long dress and the zipper 5 millimeters out on both sides.

Sunday (1 day before her flight) fine tuning is done, perfect fitting, wonderful shape, wonderful slim looking bride to be… otsukaresama (this time the word fits… I’m really tired and exhausted, but sooo happy ! Champagne for dinner!)

It’s just nice to have a bit more time and not such a tight deadline, but … whatever… when the project is finished you just forget all the pain of the process anyway 🙂

We are waiting for the Wedding Day pictures! To be up soon***