Mr Magpie Tea Towels: Remake Kid’s Aprons

The Sewing Circle an Mr Magpie will collaborate for a Remake Kid’s Apron Workshop on October 15th at Chateau Bon Bon in Omotesando.

We brainstormed a bit this morning how to transform the tea towels in kid’s size aprons and got inspired by the way the Japanese Yukata (Summer Kimono) can be adjusted to different sizes, by folding and wrapping the garment.


We do the same thing with the towel: We fold the apron and get a little pocket around the bustline and like this the actual towel size of 47cm by 78cm is shortened to 41cm. Then we fold the corners to create a nice apron shape. The edges will be fastened by some simple stiches and after the ribbon has been taken in, the little apron for kids is ready!

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