Mister Magpie ・Chateau Bon Bon ・Sewing Circle

On October 15th, the Sewing Circle will collaborate with Mister Magpie Teatowels at Chateau Bon Bon in Omotesando!!!!

In a 90 minutes workshop we’ll guide you to transform a Mister Magpie teatowel into a cute apron for kids. After the workshop, there will be a wonderful cozy tea party with English pastry and time enough to exchange, chat and learn more about Chateau Bon Bon, Mr Magpie and the Sewing Circle.

Reservations are kindly required

Please e-mail Mr Magpie at hello[@]mistermagpie.com

Fee: ¥5000 (including 1 teatowel, workshop, tea and the most delicious pastry)

A handmade Book Cover

Nobody’s sure if the taifun from Okinawa will really hit Tokyo this weekend, but sooner or later the sunny days will be gone and the colder days and longer evenings will start… beside that: Japan switched to digital TV in July and in case you didn’t by a new telly yet: TIME FOR A GOOD BOOK!

And this won’t be the Sewing Circle, if the books had to stand in the shelves naked! So I decided to make this book-cover from a fabric that is inspired by Delftware, the historic blue and white porcelain from The Netherlands. The book-marker is made of a bias, ending with a girl’s face (she keeps on reading the book too!)


Embroidery on the inside

An attentive page marker



New Classes will start in September

Learn 10 basic sewing techniques and the use of a sewing machine. Beginner classes will start from September.

There are 3 different course patterns available:

10 weeks course  (2,5 hours per session) 

10 techniques + guidance through your own project (simple pants, bag, blouse…) for ¥25.000

Short term in 5 weeks (3 hours per session)

10 techniques for ¥16.000

 Workshops (simple bag, pants, blouse…)

2 weeks a 3 hours for ¥7.000

( recommended are 3-4 people per course)

Courses are taught in Todoroki (Oimachi Line between Jiyugaoka and Futakotamagawa)

Private 1 to 1 classes are possible too and can be taught at the students house.

Please contact the sewing circle for available times. → CONTACTFORM