Trousers Summer Fair 2020

Photograph by Melanie Uematsu – Banana trousers Fabric via
Summer 2020 is starting, unfortunately without the Olympics – Paralympics, but certainly with a heatwave! Many of us foreigners don’t have the chance to travel back to our home countries this year. Stay here – for your safety and enjoy the Japanese Summer!
If you are – like me – in the situation that it’s not that easy to find trousers off the rack here in Japan, you might like the idea to have your trousers tailored to your personal measurements and body size!!

I have been working on a few different, simple trouser styles over the past few weeks. Choose your preferred form, waistline and pockets and get in touch for an appointment!


Trousers Silhouette:





Waist bands:


Zipper options:





Do I have to bring my own fabric?  

Yes! You have to purchase the fabric either in Nippori or at any other fabric store. I will give you exact instructions on the number of meters and information about the type/quality of fabric that works best for trousers you select.

Do I need to buy zippers, thread, buttons, hooks, lining or other materials?

Not necessarily. Some of my customers love to shop at the notions stores, but I can purchase all additional materials and invoice you for them together with your complete trousers.

Do you have samples to try on at your atelier?

Yes! I have samples in various sizes that we can check your body fit.

Can I bring a pair of trousers that I already own and  have you re-make another pair from them?

Yes! You are welcome to bring the trousers that you like and feel comfortable in.  I will draft a paper pattern and you can have the trousers re-made again and again…

Do I have to come to your atelier and get my measurements taken?

It is definitely better when you come in person! If this is absolutely impossible, due to the current COVID situation, contact me and I will send you instructions to take the measurements by yourself.

Does the tailoring process include a fitting?

Yes! Once we have decided all the details, I will pre-sew them and invite you for a fitting to make sure that your new trousers fit like a dream !

When do I pay my for my garment?

You pay your garment when you place your order: At the first fitting when I take your measurements and we decide on all important details I will calculate the exact price for you.