First Class at Todoroki Chikukaikan

THANK YOU for the first Sewing Circle meeting at Todoroki Chikukaikan this afternoon.

6 women and 6 kids participated!

Snap buttons and little buttons for the caterpillar’s eyes made the prepared bibs complete.

From now on we’ll meet every week at the Todoroki Chikukaikan.

Next meeting: April, 27th from 13:00 – 17:00 o’clock

As planned, we’ll sew some items for Miyagi Prefecture. Simple bags and hats are planned for next week.

Fabric and patterns are prepared from the Sewing Circle.

If you have some other items that you want to make for yourself or for your kids, please bring all needed supplies.

Mama’s first handmade bib!

This was our little kids corner (need some betterment, though…)

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