4th Sewing Circle Meeting at Todoroki Chikukaikan

The members of the Sewing Circle at Todoroki Chikukaikan are getting more and more


One mother created an icepack scarf for her son! (Our model is a girl 🙂

The icepack scarf is made of a front and a back cottonlayer.

The pockets have the size that dry ice packages can be inserted.

To cover the cold a little, she underlay the pocket area with another cotton layer.

The scarf has a perfect fit around a kids neck and can be closed

with a snap button.

Another project was a wrap dress apron that can be sent again to


The apron is made of light cotton shirt fabric. Also in hot weather

it will be a pleasure to wear this garment! Two large pockets have much


and due to the long string it can be adjusted to everyones size!

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