I just finished three remake blouses. Two are made of vintage Kimono fabric and one is made of an

old shirt of my daughters great-grandfather!!!

This beautiful fabric was once a Kimono underwear.

It is worn as the third of all seven layers of the Kimono.

I was told that it’s not really allowed to wear this fabric as a blouse —

but who hands out permissions for garments anyway…

This blouse is made of an old cotton Kimono with a sort of traditional dotted turtle pattern.

Interesting for the cut: the shoulder and neck part is cut horizontal and the part under the bust line is cut vertical.

The sleeve is a raglan, with a 60 degree bust/arm seam.

The third blouse is made of an old men’s shirt combined with an jersey waist band.

I always looked for a blouse that looks formal, but can be easily combined with denim and other pants.

This version is really comfortable for a lot of pants styles.

I cut the shirt under the bustline, sew in an elastic tape and added the two coloured pink tube jersey.

Depending on the styling, sleeves can be down or rolled up.

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