Fabric Stores in Tokyo: Okadaya

There are various places in Tokyo to find wonderful fabrics.

Famous is the Textile Town in Nippori  called ” Sen-I-Gai”(please view the blog: The Nippori Expedition for details).

Unfortunately a large number of the shops in Nippori are closed in the weekends and so most of the working population has no chance to stroll through the amazing kilometers of  fabrics.

But there is hope: Okadaya and Yuzawaya, two large department stores for textile, sewing, knitting and handicraft can be found at convenient and strategic places throughout the city!

Here is a short overview:

Okadaya is a handicraft and lingerie speciality store, with the main department store in Shinjuku (Shinjuku ku, Shinjuku 3-23-17) just behind Studio Alta at the East Exit of Shinjuku JR Station.

There are two buildings: the textile building has all kinds of print and unicolored cotton, wool, polyesther, knit and decoration fabrics. There is a kimono department in the basement and an organic textile department in the top floor. Just opposite the narrow street is the building for all kinds of accessoires, beads, buttons, lace, wool, leather, sewing and knitting tools, sewing machines and a special make-up and hairstyling corner with products for theater and professional use! In the basement is a lingerie department! It’s a paradise for creative people, but you’ll see many youngsters searching for gimmicks to create their perfect cosplay costume.

Beside the Shinjuku store, there’s one in Machida as well (Machida City, Haramachida 6-10-7)

The Okadaya company has recently opened a few more stores under the names Hobby Scramble and Mano Creare !

is a store for everything that you need for sewing, knitting and decoration!

It is located in

N0cty Plaza Mizonoguchi (Kawasaki City, Takatsu  ku, Mozonoguchi 1-3-1)

Marui in Kitasenju (Adachi ku, Senju 3-92)

Vina Walk (Kawasaki ken, Ebina City, Chuo 1-4-1)

Odawara Apri (Odawara City, Sakae City 2-9-33) and

Marui Family in Shiki City (Saitama ken, Shiki City, Honmachi 5-26-1)

Shoplist in Japanese

is a store for handicraft tools, fabric and creative works

Store locations are in

Parco Chofu (Chofu City, Kojimamachi 1-38-1)

Rise Futakotamagawa (Setagaya-ku Tamagawa 2-21-1)

Lalaport Hoshu (Koto ku, Hoshu, 2-4-9)

Ario Kameari (Katsushika ku, Kameari 3-49-3)

Ario Kitasuna (Koto ku, Kitasuna 2-17-1-305)

Yokohama Joinus (Kanagawa ken, Yokohama Nishi ku, Minamisaiwai 1-5-1)

North Port Mall (Kanagawa ken, Yokohama City, Tsusuki ku, Nakagawa Nakamachi 1-25) and

Minato Hokutokyu S.C. (Kanagawa ken, Yokohama City, Tsusuki ku, Chigasaki Chuo 5-1)

Shoplist in Japanese

 is the lingerie store and lingerie brand of Okadaya.

There are quiet a few stores in Shinjuku and Ikebukuro, but check the shoplist with pics

for more details here ➳ Intesucre shoplist

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  1. Mandy says:

    I’m sad to report that the ManoCreare branch at Daimaru Peacock in Jiyugaoka closed this past summer (2013). Sad!

    1. sewingcircle says:

      Hi and thanks for the comment! It seams that they closed even a few more stores…. will try to update my shoplist as soon as possible 🙂

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