Joey is making new friends

A couple of weeks ago I got a mail saying:

I’m in Tokyo for a month and would really like to learn sewing!

kind regards


“Fine,” was my thought: “you are very welcome!”

We made an appointment and then Joey came along. We started the first lesson, started to thread the machine and do some simple seams, when she all over sudden asked: “Can I please come every day for a sewing lesson? I’m leaving Japan at the end of the month and want to learn as much as possible!”

And since then, Joey is coming over to Todoroki, four times a week! She is sewing with the other students and also in my kitchen, in case I can’t book a room…

She is creating the cutes cussion and book covers… the new project is a rabbit bag!

I’m really happy to assyst and show her how to do it. It feels like years of sleeping creativity becomes alive.

This is one of her projects: a bear cussion cover on the front and a rabbit on the back.

Short ears and the long legs of the bear turn into long ears and short legs of the rabbit on the back side. What a cute idea!

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