Patternmaking Class

The first patternmaking course has started about 3 weeks ago. In the first session we took all messurements and started to create a basic T-shirt pattern. The pattern is a construction from the messurements only. We don’t use any pre-made pattern at all!

In the second session we finished the pattern for the sleeves and started to cut the basic sample from T-shirt jersey textile.

Sewing the sample was a “homework” for my student*** and in the third session we managed to adjust and changed the basic sample to create the final design: arranging the collar, adjust the soulder seam, tighten the width of the sleeve, ad decoration seams on the front and back body as well as above the elbow line. Further we agreed that the basic pattern was too short, so we lowered the hemline for about 6 cm.

The next “homework” is to make another sample piece and check if all is completed and adjusted for the final cut.

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