Sewing Marathon

This sewing day was dedicated to the words: ” I want to finish today!” Lucy finished her dress in 6,5 hours and Kristin her bag in 5 hours… Well, learning takes time, sewing takes time, handmade creativity takes time… but with that much patience a real wearable dress and a real carryable bag were made! Not bad, if you imagine that back this morning those were flat fabric and long meters of yarn  ***


This cute bag is made of green lining and flower print seersucker. It has a zipper and two handles.

This gives a rough input on Lucy’s dress….  the real fashion shoot will come soon (it was just getting to dark in the atelier to make nice pics when she finished ***)

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  1. inesusan says:

    I love the fabric of the bag and the dress. Can I ask you where do you buy your fabric?

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