A Skirt – it can’t be more simple

One of my new students bought a skirt 7 years ago in Australia. Since then she wore it days and nights, Winters and Summers and got many nice comments on it… 7 years makes even the best fabric a bit worn out and so she wanted to re-make it! We managed to copy the pattern and sew a new skirt within 2 beginner lessons 😉 For a bit more deep impact we added a piece of vintage Obi to the front line. See this very successful proect here ↓↓↓




It is just a rectangle piece of fabric. Darts at the center back give a little shape. A straight strip of velcro at the left inside and a diagonal strip of velcro on the right outside close the piece to a skirt. It can be adjusted to various sizes. The Obi on the left gives an extra detail to the diagonal front line.





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