If You Love Your Sofa… Part 2

Last year already I got one request to fix sofa cussions. It seems that once a sofa textile starts to rip apart, there is no way to stop it …pheeew. But if you love your sofa and you don’t want to make another trip to the interior shops and look for a long time until finding a fitting-for-your-living-room-model, then maybe I can help 🙂 I have fixed the sofa cussions last year, this sofa and armchair in the pictures below and even the sitting area at my parents home in Germany. Contact me, if you need***


Sofa-repair-1 Sofa-Repair-2 Sofa-Repair-3


and after….


Sofa-Repair-4 Sofa-Repair-5 Sofa-Repair-6

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