Skirt & Shirt

A new order from a client that we know already. Please see her beautiful Pixie shots. I made this outfit about a year ago among other custom made ideas and these are the newest  pieces that we just finished last week. A green jersey shirt and a denim skirt with extra many loops… to have the freedom to play with ribbons, leather strings and your good old big buckle belt. What makes this order so extraordinary: Kristin has a very long back and usually all Shirts are too short, sleeves as well “+” it should be elegant and wearable with a skirt in a soft line. The skirt was supposed to have a comfy, slimming and simple A-line, long enough to cover the edge of her boots and long enough to cover the knees when sitting down.

I think it looks beautiful, feminine, soft and slender. An outfit for almost all the year round.


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