No Tailoring for the Paralympics in Tokyo 2020

Ready – Set – Tokyo will not happen this year. The Corona Virus has held the world in states of emergency and LUCKILY many athletes expressed their opinion clearly that they DONT even want to participate in the Olympics and Paralympics in 2020 under these circumstances.

Finally on March 24th the Olympic Committee and Japan’s President Abe announced that the Games will be postponed to 2021.

I was especially involved in these news.  In October 2018  the Paralympic Team of Australia contacted me that they need a tailor for their athletes. I was supposed to re-tailor and adjust uniforms, tricots and sports suits, working with them in the Training Camp in Kobe and in the Olympic Village in Tokyo.

Let’s hope for the Olympics and Paralympics in 2021 or even 2022! I’ll be there 😉

Ready – Set – Tailoring!!

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