The 60th Nation has Walked In!!

As many of you know: I keep a list of all the nations of my customers. Just for fun and to understand, how many people from all over the world come to my atelier to work with me.

Until today, all sewing students & customers, who I’ve been working with came from 59 countries. It was the state since March 2020 an amazing number for me, but today happened the long-awaited: a young woman from Pakistan came to have some trousers re-made. She’s the very first Pakistani customer and therefore my 60th nation that I work with 🙂  I feel flourished today. I  love my atelier.  I love my job and I’m so amazingly happy that all of you -my sewing students & customers- came and come and show me so much trust to work on your pieces and participate in my classes!! THANKS to ALL of YOU!!

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