Kindergarden & School Bags (入園バッグ・入学バッグ・セット)

Mums…. it’s time again! The Japanese Elementary Schools and Kindergardens are calling you to make the traditional bag set until April 🙂

Do you find it challenging and don’t know where to start and how to make them? No Panic! I’m offering three services as every year:

  • Bag Sewing Service: you can bring me the description from your school and kindergarden, I’ll advice you what materials to buy and how much. Then you can drop off everything and I’ll sew you the complete bag set!! Send me a message to confirm my prices, regarding the bags you need.
  • Bag Sewing Course: perfect for every mum, who wants to challenge and make the bag set herself, but doesn’t know where to start and how to sew it. It’s a course of 4 lessons a 2 hours each. Same as my Basic Sewing Course (¥22.000, tax in)
  • Sewing Machine Rental: you know how to sew the bags, but don’t have a sewing machine at your home to work with? No problem: rent one of mine!! (¥2000 per week, including a Mini-Machine Set Up Session)

Please get in touch through my Contact Form

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