The Body Scan

With just two pictures from your body silhouette to the perfect measurement for any pattern of your choice!

This new technology of creating a prefect pattern from a body scan that is taken from just two pictures of your body silhouette has been developed by the German CAD company grafis in May 2021! It is called PFP 2.0, which stands for Profile Fit Pattern. I am the very first pattern maker, who is using this technology in Japan!

Order your Personal Body Scan


How do I get my personal Body Scan to order the Melanie Uematsu Tailoring Patterns

Step One

I need two pictures of your body silhouette. One from the front and one from the side.

For taking the pictures: please stand on a white piece of paper that has the dimensions of an A3 sheet (29.7 cm x 42 cm or 11.7 in x 16.5 inches). Here you can download the exact A3 Floor Sheet

The Picture from the Front: Make sure you have 20cm distance between your feet and lift your arms ca 45 degrees sidewise.

The Picture from the Side: Your arms shall slightly touch your side with the elbows, your wrist and hands shall be bend slightly to the front.

*You can send me the two pictures as a PDF data or visit my atelier in Tokyo.

Step Two

I will rectify, align and crop your photos with the body scan tool. The contours of the front and side can be captured and imported into my CAD Software.

Through these photos, I will able to understand your posture and your figure-specific characteristics. This knowledge will be instantly incorporated into the style development and it will help me to create patterns that are literally “poured” on your silhouette.

Step Three

Now my CAD software will calculate the measurements of your body contour.

The images and contours are interactively traced and serve as a template for a profile construction.

The software determines the length, width and circumference body measurements from this profile. These can be used as a measurement chart for style development, enabled to realise existing styles directly for individual customers.

Step Four

Once I understand all your body measurements plus see your figure-specific characteristics, I can start to create the custom patter for you.

Choose a pattern from the SHOP TAILORING PATTERNS for all the styles that I have created over the past decade. I’m constantly updating this pattern library to offer new trends and designs.

Certainly you can also CONTACT me directly, if you have a special idea for your own design or a garment that has inspired you somewhere. I’m happy to chat and state and estimate.

Step Five

Once you have decided on your pattern from the SHOP TAILORING PATTERNS and I have confirmed the payment for the Body Scan and the custom pattern, I will work on your order, print it out on an A0 size paper and send it to your postal address. You are certainly welcome to pick up the pattern at my atelier, too.

Order your Personal Body Scan