Tink’s Uniform – A Minimal Wardrobe

If you will travel to Miyanmar, Thailand, India etc to do Hoolahoop Workshops and Circus, if you move to a much smaller appartment and get rid of many things that aren’t really neccessary for your daily surviving, you might think about a minimal wardrobe. So does Mediatinker Kristen and came to my atelier. What she ordered from me were remakes of her beloved tunic T-shirt dress in 5 different textiles. 2 of the jersey fabrics she found in my stock, 3 more she found in Nippori, the fabric town North of Tokyo. The pieces came out as playful as her whole character.

My New Winter Collection!!

Recently I got lots of new Winter textiles and made two dresses, a “to-be-loved-coat” for the next decade, an awesome jacket and an overall for the upcoming bonenkais ­čÖé See them all here

Woolen coat with wide high collar


The lining


Woolen Dress with a swing A-line, brown


Woolen Dress with a swing A-line, grey


Wool Cardigan in wrap style, super warm, super cozy! I love it!


Overall with inserted bra, burned satin velvet, front


Overall with inserted bra, burned satin velvet, back with extra slim cords over the shoulders overall-back

Autumn Coat

Tokyo’s weather is still amazing… sunshine, blue sky and 21*C But I’m getting prepared for cooler days and just finished this Autumn coat. It’s a simple swinging A line, just end above the knees, closes with one button and — what I most love: the widely shaped collar. Smooth A-line and vivid lining It’s a super convenient thing to jump on my bicycle with sneakers or (to give a more female impression) to wear it with a mini-dress, tights and high heels.

Ideas for Summer 2014 Vol.4

The top is a crushed polyester, but very light and airy. As an extra accent I finished the V-neck collar with a black lace and a golden bias tape, some feathers and a golden button. I loved the mosaic pattern and made a skirt in the same color arrangement: blue, red, white, gold, purple and lavender. I made it from silk wool sample panels. Underneath is a fine cotton lining.