For Great Adventures

Little girls need the perfect clothing for great adventures. Luckily we have a sewing granny! She made the two blue seaters and the red-blue striped one. I made the first sample from the blue-white fabric. We used a heavy weight knit and for the collars and hems a jersey or silk-wool. Those pull-overs are really practical for windy days or during the rainy season.

Good Morning!

Waaa~ perfect! Waking up genki and having a wonderful day ahead. Nice pyjamas helping for a good night.

I chose fine cotton for the pyjamas and cotton gauze for the night dress.

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The Japanese Style Spring Coat

One of my first sewing students had carried a long term request to me last month. She wanted to have a special spring coat made . The lining should be in a “kimono style” and for the outer fabric she chose a pigeon blue fine corduroy. We confirmed on a chinese style stand-up collar, piped pockets and cover buttons as eye-catching details.

The coat pattern is ordermade and we did an additional fitting to get the length of the coat and the sleeves as she wanted it to be… we also arranged the shoulder width and the waist a little that she can choose to wear warmer sweaters underneath. Like this the coat became a very special piece, to wear for various occasions and also for the changes of the seasons.

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Last year already, I made these puppets for the company World Family K.K.

They have Schools and they produce shows, videos, an internet TV program and more to teach English to  Kids in Japan and other Asian countries.

I was really blessed and happy to create 11 puppets that they wanted to use for their Internet TV. For the program “Sock Stories”  vol1. I made Rapunzel the Prince and the Witch, for Vol 2 I made Little Red Riding Hood, the Grandma, the Woodsman and the Wolf-Boot and for vol 3. Goldie Locks and the Three Gloves. Unfotunately Worldfamily runs a membership and I can’t show you the movies on here (only if you e-mail me personally on request I can send you the links), but I wanted to share the cute puppets with you 🙂 For the puppet costumes and the quilted futon for Goldie Locks I have had a great help from my mother in law, who stitched and gave her hand for the picture!! Many thanks to her 🙂


Sock Stories Vol 1: Rapunzel

Sock Stories Vol.2 : Little Red Riding Hood

And Sock Stories Vol 3. : Goldie Locks and the Three Gloves

Queen of Pixies

To create a blouse and bag that fits a Queen of Pixies was a wonderful and very delicate job. See the beautiful outcome here (the dress is a Dirndl, a traditional Bavarian dress, model’s own )

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The blouse is short, just under bustline, to fit perfectly under the dirndl dress. The sleeves are cut in leaf shapes and have been connected with a shimmering organza. The collar is gatheres and creates a soft looking ruche. The bag has also been made of leaf shapes and is lined with shimmering organza. It forms to a flower when it is pulled together by the string and the strap is wined, similar to a tendril.

Uniform Samples for the British School in Tokyo

It seems that many families in Tokyo, who send their children to international schools have get in trouble as the school uniform supporter Landsend has stopped service in Japan.

An other company is now getting in charge to create well fitting uniforms for international children in Japan and I was aksed to make the first samples in size 140 and 150 for girls.

BIS Uniform

Beauty and the Beast – Belle’s Golden Dress

One month ago I was asked to make Bell’s Golden Robe from the musical Beauty and the Beast. Please view the formation of all the parts, layers and decorations until the whole piece was completed.


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There was a great tutorial online from a woman, who has specialized in copying movie dresses. I’d like to recommend her website: