For individual customers

If you are a person,  who sews and tailors,  you will understand the benefit of  a perfect fitting pattern. Well fitting patterns are almost impossible to find as all of our bodies are different and individual and not normed to S M L -sizes.

I am creating patterns from your body measurements and based on your design ideas.


  • Basic Dress Pattern (used for T-shirt, Blouse, Jacket, Dress  and Skirt) including a full body measurement = ¥6000
  • Basic Trouser Pattern, including a Bottom Measurement = ¥2500
  • Special Design Patterns = Please CONTACT me for detailed information
  • Full Body Measurement  (takes about 40min) for online shoppers or people, who need their measurements taken = ¥3000
  • Simple body measurement (takes about 20min) = ¥2000

All patterns are designed with the brand new version of CAD Grafis Version 12 (released in April 2018). I am the first pattern maker, who is using this version in Japan!