Baby Hat

I received a piece of this cute world map fabric from my old boss Tsumori Chisato and immediately knew that I want to make a little hat for my daughter. What can be better to have a world map on your head when you live in Tokyo and travel to Hamburg as a 2 year old :). The hat pattern is made of 8 triangles that are sewn together, held with an elastic at the hem. The world map pattern has a shorter sun shade. The denim version shown below has a little longer shade and I inserted flower fabric tapes between the triangles. The little button on the top helps to point the sewn triangles and is a cute accessory.

SEwing TEchniques
  • Attach Triangle to one point
  • Insert Elastic
  • Attach Shade
  • Cotton
  • light Denim
  • Linen

Beginner Level

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.

Master Class Level

Baby Hat

Personal Pattern

Made to the measurements of your child

Incl. a print out in original size


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