The Process

Now, what is the process to have your wedding dress tailored, adjusted or re-modelled?

The Creative

You have a very special idea of your Bridal dress? Then let’s work on it together. My customers show me pictures of dresses they like or even come with drawings! We will model your personal dress for the special YES from scratch!

  • we will go to the Tokyo Fabric District in Nippori and look for textiles that you like (in Nippori is really everything offered that you can imagine. There are almost no limits to colours, textures and variations of silks, laces and more….)
  • I’ll take your measurements and create a customised pattern for you
  • we will work on a design for your dress together and I’ll create a designed tailoring pattern.
  • then I will start tailoring your dress with the selected textiles
  • you will have to come to 1-3 fittings
  • and your dress will be finished within one month


The Online Shopper

You have bought your dress already online? Getting a dress that fits perfectly is almost impossible…. But there is hope! I have worked with several brides on their dresses and we have ALWAYS found a way to fix the mistakes and the bad fit.  Please contact me for a consultation, bring the dress and we can see how we work it all out.


The Re-Modelista

You have worn your dress already and don’t want to leave it in the closet for the next 20 years? Let’s re-model it! I have dyed dresses, shortened and adjusted them and even completely re-sewn them with added different fabric combinations. If you are interested in this Service, please contact me for a consultation.

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