Bibs for Charity

Hope you are all fine after this scary earthquake!

The North East of Tokyo is widely destroyed and schools and kindergardens are overflooded.

Think help is needed everywhere and so we’ll donate all proceeds of the upcoming Sewing Circle Intro Meeting

for a kindergarden in Fukushima Prefecture!

Sewing Circle Intro Meeting,

Todoroki Chikukaikan, Setagaya-ku Todoroki 3-25-16,

10:30 – 12:00, fee ¥500

(At this event all mothers will receive one of these bibs or a hand towel with the little caterpillar application. As a first sewing exercise, we’ll make a press button or an eyelet and will sew two little buttons as “eyes” on the caterpillar’s face)

Updates will follow soon.

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