Sibayo – A Sewing Cafe in Kyoto

We found a little “pot of gold” in Kyoto yesterday afternoon.
The Sewing  cafe and School Sibayo behind the old Geisha Quarter Gion in Kyoto.

In the cafe space they cook wonderful organic food and upstairs there is a sewing atelier with a complete set up: machines, overlock and a spacious table.

The sewing machines are available to use during the cafe hours. Courses, such as a Shirt Course, Remake Course or a Kids Clothes Course, are scheduled.

And while having a relaxed cup of coffee….

you can order a Sewing Set as well. The sewing sets contain a little handsewing set i.e. a tissue bag or a purse and while slurping your organice coffee beans you can sew your little item by hand! What a great idea!

As a charity project to help East Japan, they are calling everyone to sew traditional house cleaning-cloths from old towels.

Those cloths shall be sent to the Fukushima area about a month from now.

I’d love to hook up with them with my Bibs for Charity…

Update to this blog: Shibayo has closed, unfortunately… it was so nice there. Hope to see the doors open at another place, sometime.

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  1. Helen says:

    This place looks wonderful. I checked out the website and based upon the diary, it appears that the cafe is no longer open. Do you know of any other such cafes in Japan?

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