Charity Items

Me and my family went to Kyoto on March 15th, 4 days after the Earthquake.

The pressure to leave the country was getting harder when the first explosion at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant happened.

As a half Japanese and half German family we decided to make a compromise and went to Kyoto for two weeks.

There we got a sponsored appartment from the Kyoto Foundation (a foundation that supports art/philosophy, technology and science ) and set up an office.

At that time, the Paris office of the fashion designer KENZO offered the sewing circle 20m of fabric to create helpful items for the east of Japan.

A friend of mine has family at Onagawa city in Miyagi ken and together with her we developed and sew masks for kids, bags and kindergarden towels.

Until now (April 12th) we have already sent about 200 items !!

Face masks that fit Anpanman, Rodi and also Babies and Kids

The masks are made from 100% Cotton Gaze

Sewing Sets for Kindergarden Towels (incluing bottons, yarn and a needle)

Furoshiki Bags (From the sponsored KENZO fabric)

Litte Ribbon Backpacks in grey and red (from the sponsored KENZO fabric)

The bags carry about one kg of shopping, are fine for clothes, going to the bath and have the size of A4.

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