Umbrella Bib

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A perfect material for a bib is waterproof, easy to wash without loosing the colour and drying quickly.

No other material covers all these needs better than umbrella fabric!

I used 3 parts of an old kids umbrella and adjusted them to my bib pattern. For the sleeve I choose a light cotton.

The green matches crocodile on the print perfectly. To get a nice djungle feeling, I chose a brown bias tape to neaten the

edges and put a red snap button to close the wings on the back.

The band that usually holds the umbrella together is used here to roll up and close the bib!

To use the left over fabric, I tried something new:

Japanese mothers are often carry a wet towel in a box to clean baby’s and kid’s hands before having food.

As the umbrella fabric is waterproof, I decided to sew the towel directly in a little bag. When you want to clean

your kid’s hands, turn it inside out, pour water on it and turn it back when finished. No extra box for the wet towel is needed.

The bag is large enough to put the bib inside as well.

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