Fabric stores in Tokyo: Yuzawaya

About two month ago I wrote a post about fabric stores in Tokyo. That time my focus was on Okadaya, a textile and handicraft chain with two subsidiary brands called Manocreare and Hobby Scramble.


The other very visible handicraft chain is Yuzawaya  They are even larger with 32 stores from Hokkaido to Fukuoka!

Yuzawaya is far beyond what you can call a textile store… the main store is located in Kamata (Keihintohoku Line, Ikegami Line or Tamagawa Line) and they have build a whole handicraft city over there. In more than 10 locations you’ll find everything from Japanese Kalligraphie sets, to lingerie, plastic flowers and what ever you need for sewing, knitting, embroidery or Hawaiian Outfits. It is interesting to stroll through the locations and it takes time until you’ll understand where you need to go for what.

In case you decide to go shopping at Yuzawaya often, it’s definetely recommended to let them make a member or point card for you. Everything that you buy will be 10% reduced and if you log in on their “friends page” you’ll get coupons for special bargains and campains.

Very informative is the “About us” page: 「 Not to forget humanity at the very moments of an era of high and information technology, we believe that handing down the beauty of “handicrafts” to future generations is our mission」… and so is mine  -ha! 🙂

In Tokyo you can find Yuzawaya’s stores at the following locations:

Kamata store:  Ota-ku Nishi Kamata 8-4-12

Shinjuku store: Shujuku-ku Sangenjaya 5-24-2

Kichijouji Store: Kichijouji Minami 1-7-1 (Marui Building, 7th and 8th floor)

Tachikawa Store: Tachikawa, Akebonomachi 2-12-2

Machida Store: Machida City, Hara Machida 4-1-17 (Mina Buiding, 5th floor)

Kinshi City Store: Sumida Ku, Kotobashi 3-9-10

Shibuya Store (Meister by Yuzawaya): Shibuya ku, Udagawacho 31-2

Ginza Store (Meister by Yuzawaya): Chiyoda ku, Ginza 5-7-10 (Melsa 5chome store, 5th floor)

There are more stores in Chiba ken and Kanagawa ken, i.e. in the North Port Mall, in Mizonoguchi and in Kawasaki… but please have a look yourself for the store maps at the Yuzawaya top page 


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