A friendly face

My daughter’s kindergarden asked all mothers to make a doll!

Of course I felt obliged to make something that she likes to hug….ha!

Very difficult was the topic to create a friendly face. Here are some of my trials on paper,

before I could decide how to stitch it on (and even that made me very nervous)

*please click on the images to enlarge ⊕



The outcome was even very different, but it was good to practice a little upfront.

The doll is about 30 cm long and made of stretch frotée in light beige color. I filled it with

cotton and polyester pellets that are usually used for cussions.

I placed the pellets mainly at the bum of the doll, which makes it easier to make it sit!!


The pants is a little bloomer  and the jacket is reversible with only one simple snap button at the collar.

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