Architect Shigeru Ban finishes emergency homes at Onagawa

Eigth months and 10 days since the earthquake, the tsunami and the explosion of Fukushima’s power plant shocked the world. Many people supported the people in North East Japan, who lost everything in only a few minutes. Together with my friend Ruri san, who was born in Onagawa (the city where the Tsunami hit) and who still has her family up there, we tried to send as many things as possible for her friends, neighbours and the kindergardens. Please view the charity items and  the hats that we sent up.

Today I received the message, that her auntie could finally move into one of the new emergency homes, designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban! Mr Ban was getting famous for his paper house constructions, and has developped various other desaster relief projects before, such as in Kobe, Turkey and India.

To follow up with the whole building process, please visit the Volutary Architects Network site on facebook.

A new, safe home! And by the way: the tables were sponsored by Louis Vuitton!!!

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