How much fabric is needed for a garment

In the industry there are many people very busy with lay-outing the garment patterns on the fabric. Of course: waisting the less fabric the better. In ancient times, when fabric was dealed like gold, the tailors didn’t waist any fabric either and there were rules, not to leave more than a hand-full of fabric after the cut was finished.

When I’m cutting my fabric I do the same: trying several ways to place my patterns in the most efficient way!

But what when you are in a store and want to buy fabric for your garment… how much fabric is needed?

Of course you can always ask the shopstaff for advice, but it should be all fine, when you follow this guideline:

A ) is the textile approximately 150cm wide, then you’ll need once the length for a pair of pants, for a skirt and for a blouse. Depending on your body size, it is sometimes neccessary that you buy again once the lenght to cut the sleeve as well.

B ) is the textile between 110cm and 130cm, the you’ll need at least 1,5 times the length and

C ) is the textile 90cm or less, you’ll need for sure twice the length.

D ) add 20cm to the calculated length. You will need it for hemline allowances, waistbands and in case you’d like to change or adjust something.

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