The Elegance of Japanese Textiles

Japanese textiles are elegant and it is also really interesting to look at their motifs. Famous motifs  i.e. from the Edo Period  have been combs and decorative pins that women wear in their hair, the plover,  aubergines, parsimons and chriysanthemums, goldfish, dragonflies and rabbits.

This jacket is made of a textile that looks upfront as paper lanterns at night, but I think it is inspired by the Temari Balls. Those are straw balls, 5-10cm  in diameter, that are decorated with colorful threads. They look like mini planets covered with tiny mosaics. Amazing!

And this jacket looks really amazing on my student’s mum! It was a long way to sew it, but it bacame the perfect present.


Elegance-of-Japanese-TextilThe textile is a 100% cotton print, bought at Okadaya in Shinjuku 


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